Brand Protection

Brand Protection

  • Standardization of brand and house colours.
  • Special inks and substrates development.

Track & Trace

  • Inclusion of specialized and customized track n trace solutions.
  • Customized bar code printers and labels solutions as per needs.

Customer Engagement Solutions

  • Development of customized solutions as per product & market needs.

Anticounterfeiting Solutions

  • Invisible 2D Barcodes - Proprietary and specialized designed solutions as per need.
  • Solutions that are enabled with geolocation and back-end data feed system.
  • Customized security inks, anti-copying inks, label stocks & laminates.
  • Security label solutions as per EuFMD norms for export pharma packaging.

Whom We Serve

Companies in need of anti-counterfeiting solutions to control and eliminate product counterfeiting, companies who are in process of standardisation of their brand protection tools for printing & packaging, for extending promotional offers and customer engagement offerings & companies who are in need of getting a complete track n trace of their products from their manufacturing site to the end consumers.